The Roosevelt Rub   $105
This traditional service for relaxation begins with a
Steam Bath then 1-hour Full-Body Swedish Massage.

Couples Massage  $210

Side -by-Side Roosevelt Rub for Couples.  Begins with

Steam Bath then 1-hour Full-Body Swedish Massage.

(All massage services listed below are available for

couples side-by-side.)

The Menger Massage $160
A classical spa service adapted from Baden-Baden.
Finnish Dry Sauna, Kneipp
Botanical Full-Body Herbal Scrub, Steam Bath and
Aromatic Inhalation, 1-hour Full-Body Swedish
Massage & Rest Period. (2 hours)

San Antonio Scrub & Rub  $140
This relaxing service leaves your skin fully cleansed,
exfoliated and muscles relaxed. Kneipp Botanical
Full-Body Herbal Scrub, 45-minute Full-Body
Swedish Massage & Rest Period. (1 1/2 hours)

Deep Tissue Massage $135
Begin with steam room.  1-hour Full-Body Massage designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle & connective tissue or fascia.

Hot Stone Massage $135
A 1-hour specialty massage using smooth, heated stones placing them on the body during the massage. The heat will deeply relax and warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply.

The Renaissance Herbal Wrap & Massage $190
Specialty service is designed for deep relaxation,
internal and external cleansing. Full-Body Herbal
Scrub, Steam Bath & Aromatic Inhalation,
Egyptian Linen Wrap using Kneipp Botanicals,
45-minute Full-Body Swedish Massage & Rest Period.
(2 1/2 hours)

Thalasso Wrap & Massage $205
During this service, mud from the Dead Sea is applied to cleanse, rehydrate, tone and balance your skin.  Included are a steam room aromatic inhalation and a 45-minute light, Swedish Massage and Rest Period. (2 1/2 hours)

Wet Wellness Hand & Foot Massage $105
Kneipp herbal foot soak & salt scrub followed by
Foot Massage using pressure points to relax the whole body. (1 hour)

Crystalline Salts Compression Wrap & Massage $210

Full-Body Treatment using mineral salts and nutrients for the skin.  Includes “compression” massage and a 45-minute Swedish Massage   (2 1/2 hours)

European Spa Facial $105
Customized skin analysis, deep-pore cleansing, exfoliating mask/steam, extractions (if needed),
light massage & hydration. (1 hour)

Mini Spa Facial $85

Basic cleansing/exfoliation, massage, hydration & sunscreen application. (:45 minutes)

 Deluxe European Facial $135

All the benefits of a European Spa Facial plus Eye & Lip Conditioning& Massage of Face, Neck,  Decollete, Scalp, Hands & Arms for ultimate relaxation. (1.25 hours)

Men’s Spa Facial $105
A Facial designed especially for men includes deep cleansing,  exfoliation, Facial Massage, customized Mask according to skin type,  Toning and Hydration. (1 hour)

Back Facial $105
Deep pore cleansing of back impurities. Great for breakouts and back acne.  (1 hour)    

Express Euro Facial $45

Cleansing and Exfoliation (in one step).  European massage techniques on face, neck and decollete, hydration and sunscreen. (15-20 minutes)

(All Spa Service Times Approximate)

Salubrity and sustainable Well-Being within a fully-balanced Lifestyle, along with the skillful capacity to manage modern stress, necessitate an authentic, time-honored, traditional and well-established Natural Spa Practice known as:

A relaxing series, revitalizing sequence and regenerating course of spa applications, services, programs and activities.

Upgrade Body Scrub to Sea Salt Glow add: $45
Face Massage add-on:  $30

Swedish Massage per 15 minutes add-on: $30

Deep Tissue add-on $40 per 15 minutes

We sell Kneipp, Biodroga & other Spa Products
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Menger Hotel Room Charges Accepted

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 Reservations Preferred
Walk-ins Accepted
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

An automatic 25% gratuity will be added to services which extend into the evening hours (past 6:30 pm) or for an hour and a half or more of body massage.

(All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)

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